Make-up of Race 1

Race: Make-up of Race 1Series: Lady (01)Date: 13-Aug-11
Course: SA7-S6Buoys: PDistance: 5.50
RC Boat: 30857 SonglineWind: 6-8 kntSeas: 1-3

Sections & Start Times:
S4: 13:15:00S5: 13:15:00S6: 13:15:00S7: 13:15:00

SxFSSail# Boat NameRtgFinishCorr Boat TypeOwner
S42156613 Heart Throb7814:16:35 54:26 Columbia 30P&D Ulatowski
S453209 Agitator75DNFDNF Beneteau 36.7Manuel Cordero
S61140202 Truant13214:18:07 51:01 S2 9.1Walter Kawula
S65240058 whisper201DNFDNF O'Day 28Whisper Assoc

Last updated 11-Sep-11