MORF Open Series

Fleet results scoring best 3 of 3 finishes
SxPl Boat NamePnts010203
F11 Caliente 23,20011
J91 Songline4,721211
J92 Kahuna4,642122
J93 Isis4,332333
J94 Baku Maru4,034454
J95 DNF1,296 5
S01 Winnebago4,198722
S02 Erica4,192551
S33 Night Hawk4,109345
S44 Heart Throb3,6561711
S55 Whisper3,549497
S66 Tempest3,2341366
S47 Its Good3,2212159
S08 Lightning3,03016103
S49 Northstar2,82561
S510 Tenacity2,71412138
S611 Exeter2,67417144
S412 Momentus2,46893
S613 Wave Dancer2,41419812
S614 Slap Shot2,262151610
S515 Tide the Knot2,113111914
S016 Temerity1,930812
S517 Unknown Lady21,889181713
S418 Full Tilt1,6291411
S719 whisper1,4901018
S020 Jing Bang8822020

   + indicates a tie
   * indicates committee boat
Last updated 25-Sep-11