2014 LD #2 to St Joe PHRF

Race: 2014 LD #2 to St Joe PHRFSeries: Phrf (02)Date: 09-Jun-14
Course: Buoys: PDistance: 50.00
RC Boat: 34109 Shoe StringWind: 5-8 KT SSeas: flat

Sections & Start Times:
F1: 19:15:00J9: 19:05:00S1: 19:10:00S2: 19:10:00S3: 19:10:00
S4: 19:10:00S5: 19:10:00

SxFSSail# Boat NameRtgFinishCorr Boat TypeOwner
S3111300 Alpha Puppy6903:40:33453:04 J 35Rick Stage
S32241625 Its Good7203:46:10456:11 Schock 35Mitch Weisman
S43140655 Unknown Lady29004:06:44461:45 Frers 36Dave Ward
S44254951 Tenacity10504:26:00468:31 Olson 34Peter Cooper
S55133536 Slapshot11705:33:31526:02 C&C 35-3E Hillenmeyer
S46350638 Esprit dEcosse8106:36:52619:23 J 105R&J McLean
S48469 A Fine Mess147DNFDNF Catalina 355J Bialkowski
S58234109 Shoe String117DNFDNF Olson 34Jay Grizzell

Last updated 16-Jun-14