Skyway Sprints

Fleet results scoring best 2 of 2 finishes
SxPl Boat NamePnts0102
E41 DNF1,5212
E41 Lucy1,5212
J91 Final Draft3,20011
J92 Starship2,96523
J93 Dobiehouse1,521 2
S51 Bark3,20011
S62 Exeter2,89024
S52 Whisper2,89042
S54 Gaucho2,60037
S64 Planxty2,60073
S56 Alpha Puppy2,59255
S57 Measure for Mea2,45066
S58 Tenacity2,11389
S69 Tide the Knot2,050108
S510 Nirvana1,985910
S511 Esprit d'Ecosse1,8001111
S512 Unknown Lady21,5171512
S513 Serenity1,5131413
S614 Tempest84112
S615 Dobiehouse78413
S516 Fastnet62516

   + indicates a tie
   * indicates committee boat
Last updated 21-Aug-16