MORF Open Series

Fleet results scoring best 3 of 3 finishes
SxPl Boat NamePnts010203
F11 Caliente 24,800111
J91 Dionysus4,721112
J92 Kahuna4,413341
J93 Starship3,0042+2
J94 Dobiehouse2,8524+2
J95 Yukon2,59255
S51 Bark4,644131
S52 Free Agent4,194614
S53 Gaucho4,186452
S54 Whisper4,109345
S65 Exeter3,476579
S56 Unknown Lady22,95011108
S67 Tide the Knot2,76591211
S58 Tenacity2,74626
S59 Sorcerer2,67772
S610 whisper2,65713813
S511 Esprit d'Ecosse2,651101410
S512 Fastnet2,242141314
S613 Andale1,989811
S514 Nirvana1,865129
S315 Heartbreaker1,444  3
S516 Serenity1,3521515
S517 Flying Pig1,225  6
S618 RAVN1,156  7
S519 Striking841  12

   + indicates a tie
   * indicates committee boat
Last updated 25-Sep-16