MORF Open Series

Section results scoring best 3 of 3 finishes
SxPl Boat NamePnts010203
F11 Caliente 24,800111
J91 Dionysus4,721112
J92 Kahuna4,413341
J93 Starship3,0042+2
J94 Dobiehouse2,8524+2
J95 Yukon2,59255
S31 Gaucho1,600  1
S32 Heartbreaker1,521  2
S33 Free Agent1,444  3
S51 Bark4,644131
S52 Whisper4,334342
S53 Unknown Lady23,547884
S54 Esprit d'Ecosse3,4137105
S55 Fastnet3,1411097
S56 Free Agent2,89651
S57 Sorcerer2,74662
S57 Tenacity2,74626
S59 Gaucho2,66545
S510 Nirvana2,18097
S511 Serenity1,8001111
S512 Flying Pig1,444  3
S513 Striking1,225  6
S61 Exeter4,721112
S62 whisper4,259424
S63 Tide the Knot4,257343
S64 Andale2,96523
S65 RAVN1,600  1

   + indicates a tie
   * indicates committee boat
Last updated 25-Sep-16