Competition Series

Fleet results scoring best 4 of 6 finishes
SxPl Boat NamePnts010304050607
J91 Final Draft6,400121111
J92 Warp Drive4,642 122
J93 Baku Maru3,042    22
J94 Zorina1,444   3
S51 Whisper6,295*112231
S52 Orion6,2421421124
S53 Tenacity6,0871436*212
S74 Songline5,784163375
S65 Cahoots4,839 74896
S66 Exeter4,76714  463
S77 whisper4,699 88659
S68 Tempest4,41814495
S79 Unknown Lady3,978 111271010
S610 Kahuna3,97414910 118
S711 Starship3,70114101111*11*11
S512 Gaucho3,549   947
S513 Heart Throb3,1811457
S714 Za Zen2,47014  12 11
S515 Measure for Mea2,080 135
S516 Shellshock1,81814   8
S617 True North1,5212
S518 Tide the Knot961   10
S619 Planxty72914
S519 Relentless72914
S619 Wave Dancer72914

   + indicates a tie
   * indicates committee boat
Last updated 13-Sep-10