2013 Race to St Joe LD#2

Race: 2013 Race to St Joe LD#2Series: Long (02)Date: 14-Jun-13
Course: STJOE->Buoys: PDistance: 63.30
RC Boat: 41625 Its GoodWind: 5-10 kt E-SESeas: 0-1 ft

Sections & Start Times:
F1: 18:15:00J9: 18:05:00S2: 18:10:00S3: 18:10:00S4: 18:10:00
S5: 18:10:00S6: 18:10:00S7: 18:10:00

SxFSSail# Boat NameRtgFinishCorr Boat TypeOwner
S51154951 Tenacity10509:43:30822:44 Olson 34Peter Cooper
S52245367 Gaucho7509:42:40853:33 Beneteau 36.7M&D Bouchaert
S53340655 Unknown Lady29010:08:25863:29 Frers 36Dave Ward
S57734109 Shoe String117DNFDNF Olson 34Jay Grizzell
S57741625 Its Good72DNFDNF Schock 35Mitch Weisman
S57752039 Jahazi51DNFDNF J 120Frank Giampoli
S5776666 dnf60DNFDNF

Last updated 05-Sep-13