MORF Open Series

Fleet results scoring best 3 of 3 finishes
SxPl Boat NamePnts010203
F11 Caliente 23,20011
J91 Tempest4,800111
J92 Kahuna4,267262
J93 Irish Rover4,257433
J94 Starship2,96532
J95 Gaucho III2,6655 4
J96 A-ra-ca-ra2,45066
J97 DNF1,225 6
S61 Erica4,800111
S62 Exeter4,036355
S53 Tenacity3,979428
S64 Wave Dancer3,750647
S55 Jahazi3,693936
S56 Whisper3,6192144
S57 Tide the Knot3,269789
S68 Planxty3,2628143
S79 whisper2,98651410
S710 Za Zen2,90712612
S511 Its Good2,88510911
S612 Cahoots2,66913714
S513 Heart Throb1,6291114
S514 Solitary1,521  2
S615 Revelation1,51314 13
S516 dnf5729 14

   + indicates a tie
   * indicates committee boat
Last updated 29-Sep-13