2015 LD #2 to St Joe

Race: 2015 LD #2 to St JoeSeries: Phrf (02)Date: 12-Jun-15
Course: ->STJOEBuoys: PDistance: 50.40
RC Boat: 34109 Shoe StringWind: Seas:

Sections & Start Times:
S4: 04:10:00S5: 04:10:00S6: 04:10:00S7: 04:10:00

SxFSSail# Boat NameRtgFinishCorr Boat TypeOwner
S51154951 Tenacity10510:57:40319:28 Olson 34Peter Cooper
S52233536 Slapshot11713:37:08468:51 C&C 35-3E Hillenmeyer
S6316525 Cahoots12014:25:00514:12 Peterson 34M Ciechanowski
S6103711 Geronimo129DNFDNF Irwin 37Rich Gravengood
S610334109 Shoe String117DNFDNF Olson 34Jay Grizzell
S710240058 whisper201DNFDNF O'Day 28Whisper Assoc
S510340655 Unknown Lady290DNFDNF Frers 36Dave Ward
S410241625 Its Good72DNFDNF Schock 35Mitch Weisman
S410245367 Gaucho75DNFDNF Beneteau 36.7M&D Bouchaert
S710260116 Dobiehouse177DNSDNS Hunter 31Kevin Lynch

Last updated 18-Jun-15