Competition Series

Fleet results scoring best 4 of 6 finishes
SxPl Boat NamePnts010203040506
E41 Lucy1,600 1
J91 Starship6,3212 111
J92 Warp Drive3,20011
J93 Yukon1,521  2
J94 Sea Phoenix1,4443
S51 Gaucho6,4002 1111
S52 Whisper6,1891*24322
S53 Esprit d'Ecosse5,638 13 46
S64 Planxty5,6303 *4*463
S54 Tenacity5,6306254311
S56 Ohana5,3548 2277
S57 Serenity4,9201237599
S68 Tempest4,90610568105
S69 Andale4,7724 86810
S610 Tide the Knot4,5737 99114
S511 Fastnet4,383*88107*812
S512 Nirvana3,754 4  58
S513 Mazal Tov2,125116
S614 Za Zen1,940137
S615 Touring Machine1,57615 11
S516 Measure for Mea1,2965
S617 Kahuna1,0249
S517 Sea Phoenix1,024 9
S519 Unknown Lady272914

   + indicates a tie
   * indicates committee boat
Last updated 26-Aug-18