2018 Tri State to St Joe LD#7

Race: 2018 Tri State to St Joe LD#7Series: Long (07)Date: 31-Aug-18
Course: ->STJOEBuoys: PDistance: 50.00
RC Boat: ColYC CommitteeWind: 15 K SSeas: 1-3 ft

Sections & Start Times:
J9: 18:55:00S0: 18:35:00S1: 19:20:00S2: 19:15:00S3: 19:10:00
S4: 19:05:00S5: 19:00:00S6: 18:40:00S7: 18:45:00

SxFSSail# Boat NameRtgFinishCorr Boat TypeOwner
S61150638 Esprit d'Ecosse8701:16:20323:51 J 105R&J McLean
S4216525 Cahoots12002:30:07345:08 Peterson 34M Ciechanowski
S53140202 Truant13202:41:28351:29 S2 9.1W&H Kawula
S34146735 NV7202:05:49355:50 Schock 35D. Keblinskas
S2511300 Alpha Puppy6902:14:40362:11 J 35Rick Stage
S26232756 Flying Spagheti6902:15:35363:06 J 35Mitch Weisman
S37233 Handsome Pete8402:23:38363:39 Beneteau 10RDavid Baker
S37261063 Ohana7802:18:38363:39 Dehler 34Bob Smetters
S79145367 Gaucho7501:56:10368:41 Beneteau 36.7M&D Bouchaert
S310497350 Free Agent7202:18:43368:44 Schock 35Miles Depaepe
S411232121 Fastnet9602:48:48383:49 Baltic 38 DPTim Herboth
S412340655 Unknown Lady29003:35:54435:55 Frers 36Dave Ward

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