2020 PHRFection to Mich City

Race: 2020 PHRFection to Mich CitySeries: Long (02)Date: 08-Aug-20
Course: CHI->MCITYBuoys: PDistance: 29.60
RC Boat: 27 Touring MachineWind: 7-14 Kt SSeas: 1 ft

Sections & Start Times:
J9: 10:05:00S4: 10:10:00S5: 10:10:00S6: 10:10:00S7: 10:10:00

SxFSSail# Boat NameRtgFinishCorr Boat TypeOwner
J91115171 Kahuna13214:38:14208:07 S2 9.1Loren Thompson
J92227 Touring Machine15016:09:42290:42 Catalina 275Todd Gayley
S51154951 Tenacity10514:31:19209:31 Olson 34Peter Cooper
S42133 Handsome Pete8414:24:19212:53 Beneteau 10RDavid Baker
S7315651 Intention17115:09:10214:48 Catalina 30TMBob Garrett
S44232756 Flying Spagheti6914:20:30216:28 J 35Mitch Weisman
S6516525 Cahoots12014:46:08216:56 Peterson 34M Ciechanowski

Last updated 14-Aug-20